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mastershieldmastershield gutter covermastershield gutter guard

MasterShield gutter protection was created in 1999 after owners of the company discovered their frustration with traditional gutter guards that did not live up to expectations.  Invented by Alex Higginbotham, the MasterShield gutter protection system picks up where other gutter guards leave off, with a revolutionary water management system that actually cleans and maintains itself.  Patented in 2001, the product earned commercial success when it was listed on Building Product Magazine’s Annual Top 100 List in both 2003 and 2004.  Today, the gutter protection system has developed a series of products under the MasterShield corporate umbrella, including a self-heating product called Ice Shield, which protects against ice build-up and snow, as well as delivering technology that fights against debris build-up.

MasterShield Benefits:

  • Eliminates and effectively ends the need to clean gutters through self-cleaning technology.
  • Made of stainless steel micromesh filter which separates water from debris, including shingle grit.
  • Made with patented LeafRelease stepped non-stick microfilter and HydroVortex technology.
  • MasterShield creates a water vacuum that works to quickly siphon rainwater through the filter.
  • Performs to high standards per U.S. Patent and Trademark Office requirements.
  • One-of-a-kind warranty that protects against clogs and guarantees a replacement or refund of the product installation cost.  Furthermore, if a clog causes damage that is claimable against the homeowner’s insurance policy, MasterShield will pay the insurance deductible up to $1,500.00.
  • Warranty is provided by the manufacturer and is transferable should the home be sold.
  • MasterShield Dealers are independently owned and operated.
  • Designed to match the pitch of the roof.  With added ridges, the rainwater is separated from debris.  Debris is prevented from gaining entry into the gutter and ultimately, blown away by the wind.
  • Dual I-Beam construction is built into the system which increases gutter strength and protection against heavy loads.
  • SPX 5000 finish with 20 year warranty; the finish will stay attractive and not crack, fade or peel.

For more information on MasterShield products and how their gutter protection system can protect your home, visit or download the free Gutter Protection Buyer’s Guide today!

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