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LeafGuard, widely known as the only one-piece covered gutter system available in America, has been manufactured by gutter protection company, Englert, since 1993.  The LeafGuard brand is the only gutter system available that comes with a built-in hood that completely covers the gutter system from top to bottom and effectively prevents leaves and debris from entering the system.  This system is not an “add-on” system, but rather an all-in-one piece that allows for rainwater to run and collect safely away from the home, its foundation, landscaping and exterior.  Only 20 percent heavier than ordinary gutters, the seamless gutter protection system by LeafGuard will be specially fitted to your house for maximum effectiveness.

LeafGuard Benefits:

  • One-piece seamless design provides for rainwater to simply cling to the hood and collect in the gutter; leaves, dirt and other debris are deflected to fall to the ground.
  • Attractive appearance and better functioning than “add-on” gutter protection systems.
  • Eliminates problems with attachments and color matching; custom made for the home.
  • Is not attached to the roof and therefore, protects the integrity of the roof’s warranty.
  • The product is securely fastened to the existing fascia board via non-corrosive, internal hangars that are hidden for the best in appearance.
  • Twenty percent heavier and stronger than standard aluminum gutter systems.
  • The patented LeafGuard Scratch Guard paint finish will last and comes with a limited lifetime warranty; it won’t scratch, chip or crack.
  • LeafGuard systems feature downspouts that are larger and 30 percent thicker than other gutter systems.
  • LeafGuard products are fashioned and custom made for the specifications of your home.
  • The product works on the Liquid Adhesion principle.
  • LeafGuard has received many positive consumer reviews and has been tested by Good Housekeeping, earning the magazine’s coveted Seal of Approval.  LeafGuard met all consumer expectations and was reviewed as performing as promised by the manufacturer.

Interested in learning more about the LeafGuard gutter protection system and how it can help protect your home?  Visit or download the free Gutter Protection Buyer’s Guide today.

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