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LeafFilter is a guaranteed gutter protection system constructed of surgical grade, stainless steel microfilter material. The strategy provided by LeafFilter has received high marks in consumer happiness and product effectiveness. LeafFilter currently ranks in the top ten for professionally-installed gutter protection systems available in the United States.


LeafFilter Benefits:

  • LeafFilter’s gutter protection system is made of surgical grade, stainless steel.
  • LeafFilter protects against clogs related to: twigs, leaves, pine needles, bee hives, pinecones, birds and rodents, maple spinners, mosquitoes and shingle grit.
  • Has received high marks from consumer rating organizations for its effectiveness and overall quality.
  • LeafFilter has a low-profile design and once installed, is barely visible from the ground.
  • The PVC based used in LeafFilter products is patented and made from virgin vinyl.  This prevents home aesthetics from being changed and the product will never crack or fade.
  • The LeafFilter gutter protection system is implemented and installed over a home’s existing gutter system.  This form of protection does not change or modify an existing roof, shingles or disturb any components of a consumer’s home.
  • The LeafFilter system does not negate or nullify the warranty on a roof because it does not cause damage nor is it installed above or below the shingles of the roof.
  • Provides a sealed gutter protection system that protects against gapping or holes.
  • LeafFilter products are impossible to clog; only gutter is allowed through the microfilter technology.
  • LeafFilter products can be installed on homes with a variety of roof types, including:  Shingle Roofs, Standing Seam Roofs, Terra Cotta Roofs, Slate Roofs, Corrugated Metal Roofs, Steel Roofs, 3 Tab Asphalt Roods and Composite Shingle Roofs.
  • LeafFilter has a no-clog guarantee that includes a guarantee against roof warranty nullification.  The LeafFilter Company also supports a money-back manufacturer’s guarantee if a consumer is not satisfied with the product.

Do you want to learn if LeafFilter products are right for your home’s gutter protection needs?  For more information about Leaf Filter visit or download the free Gutter Protection Buyer’s Guide today!

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